BMW E90 : How to install 2” wheel spacers?

As we all know,wheel spacers are a safety critical part of our cars.Its very important to test the performance of your wheel spacers in a controlled environment before driving.If wheel spacers are damaged or worn,pls dont operate your car.
First of all you need to get everything you need at hand. For this project ,You'll need: a jack ( if you have an elevator, things will be easier, of course), spacers (we recommend quality parts only), wire brush, anti-seize cream and a torque wrench ( with a 17 mm deep socket).

How to install 2 wheel spacers?

Firstly, apply you parking brake and then lift you car on the jack or the elevator and remove the wheel ( Photo no. 1)

After that, clean the rust and dirt off of the hub (Photo no 2). Take your time, this is essential for the spacers to fit exactly on the hub and avoid getting any kind of vibrations later on.

Step 3: apply a thin coat of anti-seize cream. The anti-seize cream must go only around the center hub (Photo no 3).

Step 4: fit your spacer on the hub and make sure sits flush all around (Photo no. 4)

Step 5: tighten the nuts to 90 ft-lb (122 Nm) of torque. The new bolts should be longer than the old, OEM ones.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for all 4 wheels.

This is just a guide on how to install 2 wheel spacers on BMW E90 , without too much expense or too much work. Pls note we wont be responsible for any possible damage that might result while following this guide.
Any further related information and video about installing 2 Wheel Spacer on BMW E90 .You could click here:

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