Top 4 Common Nissan Altima Air Conditioning Problems And Solutions

Summer is coming soon,have you ever checked your Nissan Frontier air conditioning to over a cool summer ? When you set the air conditioning to cool but no cool air,do you know how to check it ? Today, I would like to share the Top 4 Common Nissan Frontier Air Conditioning Problems And Solutions.

Problem: Air-conditioning cooling but only blowing moderately cool air

Solution:For Nissan Altima Air Conditioning, the most common problem we face is that after a winter, when the air conditioner is turned on, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is found to be reduced; even the air outlets of some vehicles will blow hot air.

In this case, we can determine the inventory of air conditioning system refrigerants through the high and low pressure line pressures of the air conditioning system when cooling the air conditioning system. The air-conditioning high-low pressure inspection pipeline is located in the engine compartment and can be inspected using a dedicated pressure gauge. When the …

Why new /best tires should be placed on the rear ?

If you are considering to replace tires for your FWD or RWD vehicle,many shops advise new /best tires should be placed on the rear.It seems that there is a "general rule".For example :

Just wandering why new tires should go on the rear? So shouldn't tires be placed on the front? Let's find out the reason for new tires should be placed on the rear.
Why new tires should be placed on the rear ?

On one hand,the better tires go on the rear to help prevent oversteer. If you front tires loose traction (understeer), you are going to go straight until you catch traction, or hit something. Its safest to hit something with the front of your car. If you oversteer, it is much more difficult to recover. You are more likely to hit things with the side or back of your vehicle. On the another hand,new tires provide better wet grip than your half-worn tires. When new tires are installed on the rear, it helps reduce the potential for your vehicle to fishtail and lose stability in wet c…

Top 5 Best Brand Tires in 2017 Reviews

When it comes to tire recommendations, there are a ton of tire brands in today’s tire market regardless physical stores or online stores,most of them offer quite a range of styles and pricing. You're probably asking yourself whether or not it's worth it to spend extra money on high-end tires, or if you'd be perfectly happy going with a less expensive option. Your ATV will likely be running on the tires you choose for a few years at least. Considering brand is important in figuring out what will work best for your tire needs. Combined, this information can help you find the best tires for your car from brands including:ITP Mud Lite,WANDA P350,Carlisle Knobby,Kenda K284 K284 and Maxautoparts ATV Tires.
1.ITP Mud Lite ITP Mud Lite a great product for your enhanced ATV performance while you cruise through mud, desert, or other challenging terrain. This is possible due to its ideal material combination and quite sturdy bias construction. The complete set includes two 25 by 10-12 r…

BMW E90 : How to install 2” wheel spacers?

As we all know,wheel spacers are a safety critical part of our cars.It’s very important to test the performance of your wheel spacers in a controlled environment before driving.If wheel spacers are damaged or worn,pls don’t operate your car. First of all you need to get everything you need at hand. For this project ,You'll need: a jack ( if you have an elevator, things will be easier, of course), spacers (we recommend quality parts only), wire brush, anti-seize cream and a torque wrench ( with a 17 mm deep socket).
How to install 2 wheel spacers?
Firstly, apply you parking brake and then lift you car on the jack or the elevator and remove the wheel ( Photo no. 1)

After that, clean the rust and dirt off of the hub (Photo no 2). Take your time, this is essential for the spacers to fit exactly on the hub and avoid getting any kind of vibrations later on.
Step 3: apply a thin coat of anti-seize cream. The anti-seize cream must go only around the center hub (Photo no 3).

Step 4: fit your sp…

Are Wheel Spacers Safe For The ATV Or Cars ?

There is a lot of differing opinions about whether wheel spacers are safe for the ATV or Car or not out there, some people will say it is, some will say its not. Here is a story we found in forum. I was driving back from Long Island to Philly on 95 south, going 75mph, when suddenly I felt significant vibration. I had a feeling it was the rear wheels where I had installed ICHIBA V2 15mm, I never did feel safe with these spacers. So I drive to the next exit to check it out and what I saw shocked me. Three bolts with the spline nuts broke off from the left rear wheel. This was really scary I could have really messed up my car. Only two nuts were preventing my wheel from flying off on the highway.I routinely check that the lug nuts and spacers are torqued to 76 ft lbs, maybe I needed to check more often. But seriously these spacers are not even a year old (bought them in March of this year) and 3 bolts broke. Luckily, I was able to remove the piece of spacers, split my spline nuts to have 3…

Top 6 Best Brand Brake Pads in 2017 Reviews

Winter is coming ,we will say good bye to 2017 soon. May some people need to replace brakes pads to get through the long winter months then could have a trip with family or friends when it gets warm. As we all know,good brakes are so vital to the safe operation of a vehicle.Here is a quick list of top 6 Best Brand Brake Pads in 2017 Reviews,which can help you make a more informed purchase.
Raybestos In business for more than 100 years, Raybestos has always been a pioneer among brake pad manufacturers. They are responsible for many innovations in the development of car brakes and brake pads, and remain one of leading companies in terms of advancing brake technology. They produce brake pads for almost every vehicle available and are considered to produce some of the best brake pads available. Raybestos continues to be the most recommended brand of brake pads by repair shops and service technicians the world over.
EBC Although not as large as Raybestos, EBC is also a much respected name in the…