Top 6 Best Brand Brake Pads in 2017 Reviews

Winter is coming ,we will say good bye to 2017 soon.
May some people need to replace brakes pads to get through the long winter months then could have a trip with family or friends when it gets warm.
As we all know,good brakes are so vital to the safe operation of a vehicle.Here is a quick list of top 6 Best Brand Brake Pads in 2017 Reviews,which can help you make a more informed purchase.

In business for more than 100 years, Raybestos has always been a pioneer among brake pad manufacturers. They are responsible for many innovations in the development of car brakes and brake pads, and remain one of leading companies in terms of advancing brake technology. They produce brake pads for almost every vehicle available and are considered to produce some of the best brake pads available. Raybestos continues to be the most recommended brand of brake pads by repair shops and service technicians the world over.

Although not as large as Raybestos, EBC is also a much respected name in the brake pad industry. Founded in 1978, EBC has become one of the most sought after brake pad brands in the U.K and U.S. They produce brake pads for a wide range of vehicles sold in the United Kingdom and United States are highly praised for their research and development efforts in braking technology. EBC brake pads are known for their durability and long life, and are recommended by many knowledgeable mechanics.

Akebono brake pads are the top choice for many car manufacturers due to the many benefits their equipment offer drivers. Their design provides outstanding braking performance while keeping dust, noise and pedal pulsation to a minimum.Premium quality, but not at a premium price is what it seems like.A set of front pads should not cost you any more than 30-40 dollars.

These are a more premium oriented brand of break pads. A lot of German vehicles use Bosch as their all around pads. German pads + German vehicles = perfect compatibility. However, it’s not only German vehicles these pads work great on. Be sure to find the right fit for your vehicle, and if this brand is even compatible with your vehicle.
Overall, you should lean towards the Bosch brand because you want to “up the ante” just a bit in terms of performance. They are by no means track oriented, but just a bit better than most standard ceramic pads.

These brake pads are best for the spirited street and the light track use. The scorched pad surface feature allows you to acquire great performance bite when the pads are either cold or hot. It is formulated with a compound of high temperature such that there is a consistent performance and pad wear is even. The rotor friendly formulation of low dust ensures that your wheels stay clean always as compared to many brake pads. These brake pads are made to attain the demands of excellent driving performance as it maintains the comfort and refinement that is expected in driving conditions. The OEM-style shims and the perfect factory fit ensures there is virtual elimination of the noise that results due to pad vibration.


Foreverun brake pads are made in China with high -quality .It has been sold on ebay and Amazon for many years and has a good reputation among most customers.Many tests and feedback show foreverun brake pads are very durable.Also,it generates less brake dust and offers noiseless operation.You can easily install these pads and there is no squeak.It provides three material pads, sintered ,semi-metallic and kevlar carbon for many different vehicles ,like Yamaha, BMW ,Honda and so on.Purchase this product at a cheap price and allow your car have excellent brakes.

Hope this article can help you know top 6 best brands brake pads in 2017. You can find these brake pads online retailers like Amazon ,ebay and else. Any further interest ,you could keep an eye on our blog.,which aim to share more useful information about automotive .


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