Why new /best tires should be placed on the rear ?

If you are considering to replace tires for your FWD or RWD vehicle,many shops advise new /best tires should be placed on the rear.It seems that there is a "general rule".For example :

Just wandering why new tires should go on the rear? So shouldn't tires be placed on the front?
Let's find out the reason for new tires should be placed on the rear.

Why new tires should be placed on the rear ?

On one hand,the better tires go on the rear to help prevent oversteer. If you front tires loose traction (understeer), you are going to go straight until you catch traction, or hit something. Its safest to hit something with the front of your car. If you oversteer, it is much more difficult to recover. You are more likely to hit things with the side or back of your vehicle.
On the another hand,new tires provide better wet grip than your half-worn tires. When new tires are installed on the rear, it helps reduce the potential for your vehicle to fishtail and lose stability in wet conditions.However, not only does the greater tread depth in the back help maintain control in wet and slippery conditions, as a driver, you are better able to "feel"feedback from the tires through the steering wheel when the worn tires are in front.

So shouldn't tires be placed on the front?

If you are a bit more experienced, and your tires aren't bald to begin with, having the better tires up front isn't too big a deal. The rear typically has more negative camber to give it better traction. You typically will not have issues as long as you aren't pushing your tires to the limit. However, you will be more likely to loose control in an emergency braking/avoidance situation.

Pls note,this general rule is not for AWD vehicle. If you need to replace tires on a vehicle with AWD, you are either shaving the new tires down to match the tread depth of the other tires you are keeping, or you're replacing all 4 tires. Either way, it won't really matter where the new tire(s) go.

Whatever two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles,maintaining your vehicle’s tires is crucial to ensuring its safety on the road.We’re reminding you that it’s important to regularly check your tire pressure and review your tires’ wear so that you can keep your car and your passengers at their safest. 

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