Top 5 Best Brand Tires in 2017 Reviews

When it comes to tire recommendations, there are a ton of tire brands in todays tire market regardless physical stores or online stores,most of them offer quite a range of styles and pricing.
You're probably asking yourself whether or not it's worth it to spend extra money on high-end tires, or if you'd be perfectly happy going with a less expensive option. Your ATV will likely be running on the tires you choose for a few years at least. Considering brand is important in figuring out what will work best for your tire needs.
Combined, this information can help you find the best tires for your car from brands including:ITP Mud Lite,WANDA P350,Carlisle Knobby,Kenda K284 K284 and Maxautoparts ATV Tires.

1.ITP Mud Lite
ITP Mud Lite a great product for your enhanced ATV performance while you cruise through mud, desert, or other challenging terrain. This is possible due to its ideal material combination and quite sturdy bias construction. The complete set includes two 25 by 10-12 rear tires and two 25 by 8-12 front tires. Moreover, these are 6-ply ATV tire model, well designed to withstand jagged edges, sharp rocks, and other rough grounds. In addition, these class B tires weigh 150 pounds and feature a 12-inch rim diameter and 0.75-inch tread depth. As such, they are ideal for shallow as well as deep mud rides.

1.  The tires are durable for long term use
2.  Very tough tire construction
3.  Reasonable price tag
4.  Excels through terrains other options fail
5.  Available in full set
1.  A bit heavy, thus may slow your ATV

2.WANDA P350
Wanda is a great tire manufacturer, the P350 ATV tires being one of their best products yet. A great pick that offers wonderful ATV performance enhancement, the P350 comes in a set of four tires. The well-built tires have extra shoulder lugs for proper tire rim protection. They are made of premium-grade nylon material that resists both abrasions and punctures remarkably. Moreover, you will not strain while installing these Wanda tires on your ATV. You will also further enjoy superior stability, even when you ride through most challenging trails.

1.  Offers excellent traction in the woods
2.  Stable grip and easy moving on turns
3.  Ideal for snowy grounds
4.  Excellent handling in mud, desert, rock, and also dirt trails
5.  Ensures you a smooth ride
1.  Not precisely 25 inches

3.Carlisle Knobby
Carlisle is a high repute tire maker that is proud to present the wonderful performance Knobby ATV tire. A high quality pick, this tire makes your ATV to successfully traverse moving surface grounds like soft dirt or sand. It offers ATV riders excellent performance under several off-road terrains due to its superb stability and traction. Its marginally greater aspect ratio due to knobby tread-plus design ensures ideal maneuvers through sand, mud, and other challenging grounds. As a result, riders experience awesome control and also enhanced stability, even at high speed.

1.  Optimal performance in sand, dirt and other terrains of the kind
2.  Improved stability
3.  Ideal for both on and off-road utility
4.  The aggressive, fun knob design gives ATVs a bold look
5.  Better control even at high speed
1.  Not ideal for overly rocky terrains

4.Kenda K284 K284
Kenda is another leading tire manufacturer with great repute among vehicle owners. Their K284 ATV tire, for instance, provides great value. It is one of the best ATV tires today, featuring unique tread profiles for front and rear tires both. Moreover, this tire offers longer life even with repeated use, relative to some other mud-specific models in its competition. As such, many customers choose and appreciate it, hence its market popularity.
Each of its knobs has great reinforcement for superior and reliable tracking and also cornering. As a result, you experience a stable yet smooth center contact areas while on your off-road adventure rides. Most noteworthy, you enjoy comfort when using this tire on light mud, trail riding, sand, and hard pack terrains. The Kenda K284 is therefore not just great but also versatile ATV tire for successful rugged wild spins.

1.  Offers reliable grip
2.  It perfectly fits on 3 or 4-wheels
3.  Stable for precise cornering
4.  Durable for long term utility value
5.  Versatile for different terrain performance
1.  A bit hard to mount

5.Maxautoparts ATV Tires
Maxautoparts developed very rapidly these years and come to be known by more and more people.Maybe it is a new tire brand for some one,but in fact these tires has been sold on ebay and Amazon for many years and earn a good reputation among most customers. Maxautoparts ATV Tires are made out from specially formulated compound and it delivers superior traction while extending tread life.They are ready for all types of terrains,good for cross country,desert,hard pack,intermediate and rocky.Also,they has dynamic tread patter and the solid knob design provides exceptional traction and reduces tread squirm.

1.Works well on all terrain
2.Recommended for most ATVs
3.Cost effective tire
4.Ride smoothly and quietly
5.Durable 6-ply tire
None on record


You wouldn’t be wrong to end your search for the best ATV tires with any of the above select options. Among the many models currently available on the market, these reviews carry the best in performance and reliability and you could keep as reference. These options also bring to your ATV versatile functionality for your enjoyable experience through arrange of terrains. Hope this article can help you choose your ATV tire from these options.

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