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Why new /best tires should be placed on the rear ?

If you are considering to replace tires for your FWD or RWD vehicle,many shops advise new /best tires should be placed on the rear.It seems that there is a "general rule".For example :

Just wandering why new tires should go on the rear? So shouldn't tires be placed on the front? Let's find out the reason for new tires should be placed on the rear.
Why new tires should be placed on the rear ?

On one hand,the better tires go on the rear to help prevent oversteer. If you front tires loose traction (understeer), you are going to go straight until you catch traction, or hit something. Its safest to hit something with the front of your car. If you oversteer, it is much more difficult to recover. You are more likely to hit things with the side or back of your vehicle. On the another hand,new tires provide better wet grip than your half-worn tires. When new tires are installed on the rear, it helps reduce the potential for your vehicle to fishtail and lose stability in wet c…

Top 5 Best Brand Tires in 2017 Reviews

When it comes to tire recommendations, there are a ton of tire brands in today’s tire market regardless physical stores or online stores,most of them offer quite a range of styles and pricing. You're probably asking yourself whether or not it's worth it to spend extra money on high-end tires, or if you'd be perfectly happy going with a less expensive option. Your ATV will likely be running on the tires you choose for a few years at least. Considering brand is important in figuring out what will work best for your tire needs. Combined, this information can help you find the best tires for your car from brands including:ITP Mud Lite,WANDA P350,Carlisle Knobby,Kenda K284 K284 and Maxautoparts ATV Tires.
1.ITP Mud Lite ITP Mud Lite a great product for your enhanced ATV performance while you cruise through mud, desert, or other challenging terrain. This is possible due to its ideal material combination and quite sturdy bias construction. The complete set includes two 25 by 10-12 r…