Top 4 Common Nissan Altima Air Conditioning Problems And Solutions

Summer is coming soon,have you ever checked your Nissan Frontier air conditioning to over a cool summer ? When you set the air conditioning to cool but no cool air,do you know how to check it ? Today, I would like to share the Top 4 Common Nissan Frontier Air Conditioning Problems And Solutions.

Problem: Air-conditioning cooling but only blowing moderately cool air

Solution:For Nissan Altima Air Conditioning, the most common problem we face is that after a winter, when the air conditioner is turned on, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is found to be reduced; even the air outlets of some vehicles will blow hot air.

In this case, we can determine the inventory of air conditioning system refrigerants through the high and low pressure line pressures of the air conditioning system when cooling the air conditioning system. The air-conditioning high-low pressure inspection pipeline is located in the engine compartment and can be inspected using a dedicated pressure gauge. When the air-conditioning system is in operation, the pressure in the high-pressure line should be about 12.5 bar, and the pressure in the low-pressure line should be about 1.5-2.5 bar.

If the pressure in the air-conditioning high- and low-pressure lines is found to be much lower than the standard pressure, the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system is insufficient. In this case, we need to pump refrigerant and test the airtightness of the air conditioning system. The practice is to pump out the refrigerant from the air-conditioning system and maintain a negative pressure of 1 bar. Wait 24 hours to see if the air pressure in the system is maintained at about -1 bar. If the air pressure rises significantly, there is a leak in the air conditioning system and further disassembly inspections are required. If the air-conditioning system does not leak, then we can add the appropriate amount of refrigerant according to the vehicle model.

Assuming that the air-conditioning system does not leak, pumping refrigerant can solve most of the air-conditioning problems without cooling. It takes about $15-$20 to add refrigerant to the market and test the air-conditioning system's tightness.

Problem: The air conditioner is not cooling at all

Solution:The air-conditioner is not cooled at all. In addition to the lack of refrigerant, the compressor does not work is also a reason. The compressor of the air conditioning system is now equipped with a clutch. The compressor works only when the clutch is closed. If the compressor fails to switch to the pull-in state, then the air-conditioner does not cool.
After the refrigerant is pumped and the air-conditioning system is tested for tightness, the problem that the air-conditioner is not cooled at all is still not solved. Then the replacement of the compressor is the main work to be done next. Replacing the compressor requires first evacuating the air conditioning system refrigerant and then replacing the compressor. After replacing the compressor, it is also necessary to check the air-conditioning system tightness and fill the refrigerant.

Problem:The air outlet is using an unknown gas

Solution:In some cases, when we turn on the air conditioner, we will find that there is a lot of white gas blowing from the air outlet. These gases are actually vaporized refrigerants. This happens because the evaporator inside the center console has leaked. We can only replace the air conditioner evaporator inside the center console. We are skeptical of those trapping products on the market and we recommend that car owners not use related products. Replacing the evaporator is a relatively large project that requires evacuation of the refrigerant and removal of the center console. The price of the full service is $160 to $300.

Problem:air conditioning abnormal sound

Solution:Air conditioning abnormal sounds include abnormal sounds in the air conditioning system and abnormal noises in the air conditioning system. The internal abnormal sound is usually the air or moisture in the system refrigerant. When the refrigerant evaporates and expands, abnormal sound occurs. The user feels that there is a noise inside the center console; the external noise is generally the abnormal sound of the air conditioner compressor, near the air conditioner compressor. Can feel the sound. Such abnormal sound is generally caused by the air and moisture doped in the refrigerant composition. If the condition is still after the refrigerant is pumped, and the abnormal sound is located near the compressor, the internal mechanical structure of the compressor is more likely to be damaged; if the abnormal sound recurs after a period of time, and a position is located inside the center console, the drying bottle The probability of reduced efficiency is greater.

All in all,these above are the most common Nissan Altima Air Conditioning Problems And Solutions,and you could use it a reference it.Hope these will be helpful for Nissan Frontier Owners.After doing some research,if you could pinpoint bad air conditioning as the problem,then you need a new ac compressor replacement as soon as possible.Get HexAutoParts to buy AC Compressor Replacement parts for your Nissan Altima.


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